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COVID-19 vaccinations still matter. The pandemic still a reality. In 2022 MALVEC core partners intentionally shifted the narrative to needs-based messaging that reflects and addresses Latinos’ social and economic realities. Our main focus at this stage is to provide information on the effectiveness of vaccines and facilitate vaccine access for the entire Latinx community in Maryland.

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How can we help?

The program encourages people who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. We provide support for people who need post-covid medical follow-up and access to relevant information to obtain health service benefits.

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What we do about this stage COVID-19?

Administered by MLU, the MALVEC coalition developed a sophisticated communications strategy and consistent science-based bilingual messaging. The CDC Foundation, Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University (GWU) provided updated medical and scientific information about COVID-19. GWU’s Milken Institute of Public Health provides additional evidence-based research, as they continuously evaluate trends in how Latino communities respond to public messaging surrounding COVID-19.

We do peer-to-peer communication
We leverage local texting platforms for better communication and to extend our outreach, we leverage grassroots organized FB Pages and WhatsApp Groups used by Latino communities.
We build community
We co-host virtual events with trusted community groups, churches, and organizations to address vaccine concerns and share important resources for Latinos.
We provide bilingual information
We create and distribute bilingual, culturally competent print and electronic materials that counter misinformation about the vaccine and through the Latino Health Equity Alliance (LHEA).
We help to administer and convene
MLU acts as administrator and serves to convene groups, grow the dialogue, crystallize trends and ideas, and collaborate to implement them.

statistics and challenge

What are the main challenges after COVID-19 for the Latino community in Maryland?

Recognizing that in Fall 2021, state unemployment analysis by ethnicity and race showed that racial disparities in unemployment rates persisted, despite a ‘labor shortage’. In Maryland, Latino families comprised 28.3% of tenants behind on rent, while African Americans made up 21.5%. Today, the economic emphasis has shifted again. Latino families are even more concerned about the economy than they are about health. Inflation and the rising cost of living are at the front of their minds.


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