allies and partners

None of our work can happen without our allies and partners. From the beginning, we have stated that it is critically important that as a community, Latino-led and Latino-serving organizations come together to leverage resources, expertise, and connections.

Together we can do more, juntos podemos más.

What is Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU)? 

Maryland Latinos Unidos is a statewide network of organizations, businesses, and individuals who support Latino and immigrant communities. MLU exists to call attention to the disparities and inequities faced by Latino and immigrant communities, to find solutions, and to address these problems with coordinated action. MLU is not providing direct services – we are conveners, advocates, and prioritize the capacity-building of our grassroots Hispanic-serving organizations to ensure that all Latinos can access necessary services and that these are readily available.

We work within and with the Latino/Hispanic community in Maryland by supporting Latino-serving nonprofits, convening around public policy priorities, and working together in common cause. Our priorities reside in the fields of Healthcare Equity, Environmental Justice, Education, and Representation. We also recognize that all of this has to be accomplished by raising wages and supporting Latino small business entrepreneurs. Only when we create the infrastructure statewide to reduce income inequality will we be able to truly begin to fulfill our mission. To find out more visit: www.mdlatinosunidos.org

Dr. Kathleen Page, Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University / School of Medicine has played a critical role in the joint planning and coordination of the program, including oversight of COVID-19 vaccine delivery; engagement with public health organizations and officials; supply of Spanish language materials; and proposing culturally competent approaches to address public health challenges and vaccine hesitancy in the Latino community across Maryland.

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz, PhD, MPHE, MCHES is an Associate Professor and Director of the Community-Oriented Primary Care Program in the Department of Prevention and Community Health, George Washington University – Milken Institute School of Public Health.  He provided technical assistance for the setting up of the collation; design the M&E framework and metrics for the program; and ensure congruency between our objectives and capabilities. Dr. Rodriguez-Diaz serves as an important liaison to new research on COVID-19 and its impact on the Latino community. He also connects the program with students interested in shadowing and working in community health programs.


We facilitate collaboration between institutions

We work in alliance with different organizations to reach the neediest people in the Latino community as quickly as possible. Take a look at the directory of organizations!

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